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November 25, 2020
Delicious, will definitely order again.

November 25, 2020
Ordered from here about 3 weeks ago for a pick up order, when I went in to pick up the order, noticed the chef making sushi wasn’t wearing a mask. It was before they mandated mask wearing, but still should’ve been wearing one if you were to be rolling sushi and speaking to your colleagues.

November 13, 2020
I am a regular customer but I like to eat my sushi with a lot of wasabi. I ask for extra and every time they still give me tiny amount. When I show up and ask for just a bit more, the guy gives me so much attitude. I don't even mind paying for extra wasabi but eating sushi and running out of wasabi ruins the experience for me. I may just stop going because of this and wish they would just learn to provide a bit of customer service.

November 10, 2020
No soya sauce

November 08, 2020
We order from here often. We know what to expect. The food is good. Consistent. Good parking and quick preparation upon ordering. The only thing I’d mention is the sushi makers don’t wear masks or gloves. But I guess it’s hard to make sushi with gloves.

November 04, 2020

Take out Food is fast and tastes very good with good portion sizes.

November 03, 2020
Good Value

October 25, 2020
Very nice food, nice spices and flavors. Happy they don’t use mayo as a topping like some other places which is gross

October 22, 2020
Very good and fast

October 02, 2020
Food was good, but online delivery time said 20 mins and it ended up being about 50 minutes, so I had to wait 30 minutes outside the store. I don’t mind longer delivery times when it’s busy, but I don’t like having to stand outside the store when I could’ve been at home and just left later to pick-up. Or they could’ve let me know online or through phone that the order would take longer and I would’ve understood.